Winter Solstice Transits 2016

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The Winter Solstice Astrological Transits


To all those that I share this with, or are led to it, or stumble upon it, please know that I am very much an amateur in a science that is incredibly complex and fascinating.  However, I have over many many years learned a lot, and specifically in the area of transits and alignments that are or may be affecting us.

Some of you that know me may even remember the write up I did for the election of Obama in 2008, which was a very interesting and fascinating time, and proved to be very much in alignment with what was happening with the planets.  And, there are those of you who I bored and annoyed with the issue of Uranus going into Aries. This led to, in its usual manner, the Green Revolution in Iran, the Arab Spring, the uprising in Egypt, the uprising in Syria, the rise of ISIS, Brexit, the rise of the tea party and even our current impending political and social disaster, which I will refrain from ranting about.

Uranus is the planet of revolution and change, often violent as it fights against the old and drives the evolution of the life on earth.  And, as we have seen in Iran, Syria, the US, and other places, the forces of the old established powers will not go down easily. They will predictably rise up and fight back to wreak untold and mindless/heartless havoc and death in defense of itself.

Ok…enough of the doom and gloom. I bring this up as pretext to the importance of understanding the events unfolding around us astrologically. There are a number of planets that have slowly been coming into alignment above us and they will start to peak and bring energy and changes around us. This will be starting, for the sake of the perfect starting point, on the Winter Solstice, and the winter period in the Northern Hemisphere. However, the main date I am going to focus on is the 23rd of December since that is when Jupiter hits 20 degrees in Libra.  Note that these are alignments have been slowly forming and generating energy for several weeks. But, for the sake of brevity and to keep this from turning into a giant and even more confusing rambling document, I am focusing on the Solstice and a few days after, since it is a natural starting point and a transitional stage for the our planet.

I will be including charts for both the Solstice and the 23rd in this document that are exact to Pacific Time and Mountain Time for your perusal. One difference in the charts to note is that the Solstice is specific relative to time and space and therefore the ‘houses’ are exact and come into play in regard to any interpretation that one may apply. One of the reasons I am not using it as the main chart to expound on is that the houses will vary relative to where you are at on and at that time. And, more importantly, because I am lazy and need something to leave out to keep this from becoming a huge boring document, so, since the ‘space’ issue is a relative factor I have a good excuse to ignore it.

Lastly, please understand that this is meant to be an outline and a guide and not a full on book. I am just trying to make whomever I can aware of what is occurring and hope that they do their best to take advantage of the situation within their own lives. I probably should have gotten this out to everyone sooner but other tasks became more pressing than this exercise of yelling into the wind. The alignments below apply to everyone. However, some people will be more affected than others based on their individual charts and how these transits are interacting with their own.  I encourage everyone to review their transits during this period and for the next 30 to 40 days, for additional insight as to how all this will affect you.

Further, note that everything here is my opinion, conjecture and freewheeling blow it out writing, and therefore, I highly encourage everyone to look more deeply into the topics covered or seek other opinions and not rely on mine. Too paraphrase a quote of Gurdjieff’s ”believe nothing because I say it, but because you have found it to be true”.

OK….on to the actual content of this task. As a pretext let me point out a couple of things that makes this so intense and why it is important to pay attention to it. Some highlights as it were:

  1. There are three separate triangles of energy interacting with two planets of expansion – Jupiter and Uranus – in opposition to each other. And, one trapezoid alignment that contain both of these planets as well. This is a lot of energy and tension coming from different angles and planets onto to, and through an opposition of two planets of expansion.

  2. There are a total of 4 additional planets that interact and bring energy into the 4 overlapping geometric alignments.

  3. Elements – 3 air signs, 2 fire signs and only 1 earth sign. Making this potentially a very volatile situation, and or a very trans-formative opportunity.

First Alignment – Jupiter 20d (d=degree) in Libra and opposite to Uranus at 20d in Aries, with Uranus at the end of a retrograde period. In addition, Jupiter is also sextile to Saturn at 20d in Sagittarius. Saturn is trine to Uranus in this alignment, as well, forming the core triangle.  This grouping will continue to put pressure and deliver energy up to and until the end of January, giving it a tremendous amount of time for this energy to build and express itself.

Jupiter – Libra  – Air – opposite Uranus and sextile to Saturn

Uranus – Aries – Fire – opposite Jupiter and trine to Saturn

Saturn – Sagittarius – Fire – trine to Uranus and sextile to Jupiter.

Again, this is the most intense part of this coming period and the one that is likely to deliver the most lasting impact. It can be a great opportunity for growth or a great opportunity for disaster. But, let me explain a few things that will bore some and educate others. The alignment above is a ‘scalene’ triangle, which means it’s a triangle where no sides or angles are equal. Because it is a triangle they are interrelated or woven.  The energies of each planet, and the ‘sign/element’, that it is in affects and compounds the energies of each planet and sign.


The angles themselves also carry meaning.

Oppositions (180d) – carry a lot of tension and contain a lot of energy. Imagine a rope tugging contest and all the energy that is trapped in the pulling of the two opposites upon each other. For instance, imagine you and your dog are in a tugging contest and at the peak of the energy you let go, and the dog goes flying across the room. Oppositions indicate a lot of energy at bound up, that can either be directed in a positive way into a situation, or it can cause you to go flying across the room crashing into and breaking your friends or neighbors brand new 4k wall size tv. Of course, right before the super-bowl starts, and also dumping over the table with all of the food, on the floor. Which the dog immediately comes and eats. So, someone does benefit in some way even if it is the dog.

Sextiles (60d) and Trines (180d) – are far gentler and easier to deal with energy. It tends to bring only good affects and can be, again much more easily controlled and directed to ones benefit. Or not even noticed in the day to day turn of the universe.

In the triangle above we have two elements at play; two Fire signs and One air sign. One could easily make the assumption that this could be a volatile situation just based on the elements alone. And, please note that ‘fire’ is both symbolically a symbol of destruction, and a symbol of rebirth or transformation. Air feeds fire with oxygen and can ‘fan’ it into a bigger and hotter fire while causing it to move and become ‘air borne’.  On a positive note we have only one opposition and two positive energy angles in the triangle.

Next let’s look at the ‘signs’ they are in for the next dimension of this situation.  And, these are simple, somewhat off the cuff, so again do your homework and don’t rely on my interpretations.

Libra is a an air sign of balance and communication. It is seen as justice and fair play within the movement of things. It strives to bring balance to situations.  It is the sign and symbol of the legal system. The ‘Ideal’ of the legal system not the one we have come to know in our current incarnation.

Aries is a fire sign of action and movement. It is also a sign of beginnings since it is inherently the first house of the zodiac. However, it is also a sign of reckless behavior devoid of thought or clear intention. It is spontaneous, which can be good if you’re a musician or a comedian. But it can also lead to negative consequences if you’re just a random particle colliding with reality.

Sagittarius – is a fire sign of freedom of action. As a fire sign it is a wildfire. It is also very direct and acts with intent. It is symbolized by the horse with a bow and arrow. The bow and arrow are its skill of mind, direction and intent – “skillful means” for you Buddhist out there. The horse aspect of the analogy however wants to run free and not be held down by rules and institutions. It does not like being trapped in a corral, but, it does like knowing that there is a warm barn with food, beer and a tv in it when it feels so inclined.

Lastly, let’s look briefly at the planets involved themselves and do some pulling together.

Jupiter – is a planet of expansion. It is the creative expansive impulse of art and thinking. It is inventive and creative. It is expansion as a spiritual impulse to knowing and connecting with the higher aspects of the universe and beyond. It is the planet of good fortune and luck. It is also the planet of pleasure and indulgence at a much lower level, which is cool as long as it isn’t a negative in one’s life. In Libra it is in a good place to bring balance, learning and good things to everyone in a fair and balanced way. It is a great thing to have during the holidays and would tend to bring good cheer, bounty, and peace to everyone.

Uranus – this is another planet of expansion but in this case it is the planet of revolution and evolution. It is synonymous to a bucket of gasoline waiting for a match to come flying its direction. Like a steam engine the energy must be carefully released or directed or it becomes a bomb and destroys everything around it. It has been in Aries for a few years now and will continue to be so for sometime in the future. I would refer everyone back to my opening comments for examples of what occurs in general with Uranus in Aries. Uranus is an explosive gas – Aries is the match.

Saturn is structure. It is the foundation of all the structures in our lives and for which our lives are organized. Not very complicated, however, nothing is inherently permanent and structures come and go and shift with the changing tides of life and the constant pressure of evolution upon ourselves and the world around us. Being in Sagittarius will make it prone to wanting to loosen things up, shift and change the structures and foundations that we are planted in. All we have to do is look at our recent elections to see some of the possible consequences of it being in Sagittarius.  But note also the affects of Uranus mentioned above in alignment with it.  After all, no matter what your opinion is of the current election it is easy to see that a bomb was thrown into the system and blew it all to hell. And whether this was a good thing only time will tell.

So, consider all the information above. We have two planets of expansion with different attributes that are opposite to each other. One is in a fire sign with a match, the other in a sign of balance and harmony. Add into this Saturn, which is at a positive angle to the other two and bringing some degree of structure and organization to the dance, while also wanting to maintain some degree of freedom to adapt, and evolve, according to whatever happens. It is an anchor of sorts but mostly as a weight to make things go slower. If all this energy can be moved and focused (Sagittarius), pointed with ‘skilful means’, in a positive and growth oriented direction then life can be good.

Individually, for the individuals reading this, it is a chance to reorient your goals and aspirations into a bigger and better reality, and to use the energy to help you achieve higher and more expansive goals. To realize dreams, and create new beginnings, as well as, expand the mind, the spirit and evolve into a better and more spiritually oriented person. However, if you want to hunker down in the bunkers and cling passionately to the past and the all the things you have built your fort around and with, then be prepared for the ‘firestorm’ of change to descend upon you in the next several months.

To the larger aspects of this alignment specific to society and culture as a whole I will spare my thoughts and words for the sake of brevity. But, I do suggest watching events going on around us with the ideas presented here. It could be quiet entertaining, but it can also give you a warning and some indication of how to direct the energy within your own life.

And…there is more…it gets even more intense. So, get a beer or a glass of wine and please continue reading.

The next part adds a brief but positive dimension, as well as, additional angles of energy into the triangle above.

Second Alignment – Venus will enter into two different but related and intertwined alignments with the planets mentioned above. Starting at and or slightly before the Solstice and peaking on the 25th , while in Aquarius. First it will form another scalene triangle between itself Jupiter, and Uranus. In addition, it is also sextile to Saturn creating what appears to be, an ‘Isosceles Trapezoid’.

This influence will last roughly 5 days, and linger for several more, from the beginning of the solstice to the 26th.  It will provide all of us some interesting and positive energy onto the scene.

Venus – Aquarius – Air – Sextile Saturn and Uranus and Trine Jupiter

Uranus – Aries – Fire – Sextile Venus, Opposite Jupiter and Trine Saturn

Jupiter – Libra – Air – Trine Venus, Opposite Uranus, and Sextile Saturn

Saturn – Sagittarius – Fire – sextile Venus, sextile Uranus, and trine Jupiter – (forming the trapezoid)

Now, to quickly review the nature of Aquarius and Venus in this mix:

Aquarius is an air sign that is also called the ‘water carrier’ and as such is often confused as a water sign. But, it is air that carries water which can also be thought of, and experienced as, humidity. Aquarius is often considered an aloof sign or element, and, can often tend to seemingly unattached, devoid of emotions, or giving a poop. However, there is another more important side relative to the aspect of carrying water. It is a facilitator and communicator that is capable of crossing boundaries and bringing consensus and objectivity to a situation. It connects the water element and the air. It can be humidity, a soft rain, a blizzard, torrential downpour and even a hurricane. It is also considered a very funny sign and often brings levity to a situation as it see’s the absurdity of seriousness that we too often want to impose on life and those things around us. It allows us to laugh at ourselves. It also can convey deeper hidden information that can strongly affect us spiritually. It carries and helps brings forth.

Venus – is often considered the sign of love and affection, but this is not the best way to view this planet in my not so humble of an opinion. It is more important to understand it as the planet of relationships as a whole and not just a romantic relationship. It is how we ‘relate to things’, people and the world around us as a whole, not to mention how we relate to ourselves for that matter. It is a very positive planet and can be a positive influence in the chart as it relates to how we are relating to things.

In the case of the angles in this alignment there are more positives than difficult ones. They are mostly of a positive and beneficial nature and can have a dampening effect on the opposite between Jupiter and Uranus.

Relative to the angles listed above we can see the following in relation to Venus:

Venus and Saturn warm and comfort of structure, friends, family, work and our living space. The warmth of home and hearth, holidays and traditions that bring people together.

Venus and Jupiter brings enjoyment of our friends and family and the merriments of being with others. This is a very good combination for enjoying new things, finding new jobs and meeting new people that we enjoy and perhaps become close too. And, can also indicate perhaps some serious partying for that matter.

Venus and Uranus well traditionally this points to ‘affairs’ which of course can then blow up in your face and make your life a disaster. Or short but intense encounters with someone you probably did not know. But, it can also be sudden new and exciting jobs, or opportunities that you were not expecting. In fact adding all this up in one way, could suggest a good time to buy a lottery ticket. But, remember who told you too and be sure to donate to me as a charity if it’s your lucky day.

Overall this brings some very positive energy to play into the situation. Its timing could not be better with the holidays at play and all the events that go on at this time of year that are supposed to be about fun and enjoying each other’s company. It will also hopefully tone down the rhetoric in the world at large and help bring some degree of peace and harmony to difficult situations. And, through the power of our collective positive thought, it can perhaps push the energies at play into a more positive outcome as a whole over a longer period of time.

Individually, it gives a much wanted boost to moving this energy into manifesting as a positive and expansive force in your life as it unfolds. Since it is exerting its influence at the beginning of this event it could easily be carried forward to help set a great tone, and deliver really good results. I will, however, add one note of caution to it. The combination can lead to a lot of fun and enjoyment which can distract us from the seriousness of what is occurring. If we get caught up in the fun we can forget to focus on the long term goals.

Ok, we only have a couple of more elements to throw into the mix but they are critical even if the ‘orb’ is not as tight or exact. This next alignment, and its relationship to the whole of everything that is going on, is significant when measured over the long term. And remember that the affects of all this will go on for close to 30 days and linger beyond that having set the stage for many things to come. It is the Winter Solstice after all.

Feel free to take a break and get some more libations to help you get through this.

Third Alignment – Pluto is at16d in Capricorn which is within a 4d orb to being squared to Uranus, and Jupiter. This is the third triangle and it is an ‘acute angled’ version.

This has been forming over the last several weeks and is contributing heavily to the energy that is forming in the other triangles, and it will continue to have an influence on the situation until the around the second week in January, or longer.

Pluto / Mercury – Capricorn – Earth – square to Jupiter and Uranus

Uranus – Aries – Fire – square to Pluto/Mercury and Jupiter

Jupiter – Libra – Air – square to Pluto/Mercury and Uranus

With this triangle we are introducing four new aspects into the mix to consider:

The Square – a square is a 90d angle between two objects. It is not as intense as an opposition, but is very intense regardless and like the opposition it brings a lot of energy into the situation. It can either be very good or very bad depending on how the energy is used and released.

Earth Element – everything so far in this tale of transits has been either fire or air elements. This triangle brings the earth to bear on the energy. The earth element can help to ‘ground’ the energy and keep it from becoming an out of control run away firestorm. Earth can be used to put out a fire. It can also end up adding fuel to the fire. Fire, after all, feeds on both air and earth to sustain itself.

Capricorn – this is of course an Earth sign. Capricorn can be thought of as the Father Earth in relation to Virgo which is the Mother Earth. It is also seen as the ‘ruler’ or king aspect of the planet Earth. It manifest as a great leader and enlightened ruler. Or, it can be a stubborn, and self righteous dictator.

Pluto – Pluto basically represents nuclear energy. It is the sub atomic power lying within all things. It is also a very slow burn that can last for a very long time and exert a tremendous amount of energy into a situation over a long period. It is like drips of water turning a mountain into sand. But, also consider the nuclear analogy. We cannot see an atom, but when we split it and make it explode it can do untold damage and destruction over a massive area that lasts for thousands of years. If we can control it and release it in a safe manner it can provide a tremendous amount of energy over a very long period of time. In astrology the affects are so slow that they often go undetected until long after the fact when one has a “ah ha” moment.

The addition of this triangle into the mix as an additional dimension can only be described as troubling. We have three 90d angles of tension and energy coming into the vortex of the other two triangles. We have two planets of expansion Opposite to each other and Square to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto brings a tremendous amount of energy that is deep, subtle and long lasting. Energy, that is either a great benefit or a terrifying force of destruction. Note that an atomic detonation is created by a primary explosion of a mundane nature. Like throwing a match (Aries) at a bucket of gasoline (Uranus).  Further, it is sitting in a sign that can be stubborn and dictorial. Fortunately, we have Jupiter in Libra to temper it all down and give balance.

Now, at an individual level, this can be a very beneficial boost of energy to fuel the changes that you want to create in your life that will make it better and more fruitful. If the energy is channeled into positive and expansive thoughts and actions then great things can come to you and those around you. Plus the nature of the energy is that it will linger and continue to push in a subtle but effective way for a very long time.

On the other hand if you decide to dwell on the ‘dark side’ and work in league with the evil empire of negativity, clinging, doom, and conservative constriction, rather than, the natural movement of evolutionary expansion, then, you will get what you asked for.

Note that one good thing here is that the orb of Pluto is only 4d to the other two planets and the period of time that this will be affecting everything is only a few weeks to a month.

Finally we have only one more small aspect to cover. So, this is an excuse to get another beer or glass of wine to start the final stretch of this.

I made brief reference in the information about this last triangle of the presence of Mercury in the mix. Mercury is the planet of communication and it has a lot of influence on events in this regard. Many of you are familiar with the whole idea of ‘Mercury in Retrograde’, but for those who aren’t let me explain.

Retrograde is when, because of the elliptical nature of the orbits of the planets, a planet will appear to be moving backwards in relationship to ourselves. For instance, we always launch things at Mars when it is in retrograde because is it actually moving back toward us and thus shortening the distance between the two planets. Now, when Mercury goes retrograde the common understanding is that there will be a breakdown in communication and that trying to communicate with others will become difficult in general at all kinds of levels. On a positive note it also means that past issues and communications may resurface and seek resolution. In this case, for instance, I could always count on some ‘deal’ or pending contract that was lost in limbo to suddenly jump back on the table to be closed. So, not all aspects of retrograde Mercury are difficult. And, if we know ahead of time what the issue are we can adjust our expectations and work harder at making sure that effective communication is occurring.

Mercury went retrograde on and around the 19th of December and will be such until the 8th of January. Mercury typically moves pretty fast and it only interacts with another planet for a very brief period of time. But, when it is going into retrograde, it will start to go really slow as it changes direction. When it was approaching retrograde, and now as it is starting to move backwards, it was and is conjunct Pluto. This is a good thing in many ways because it adds a potential level of slow deliberate communication relative to this alignment. Or, it adds a complete breakdown in communication as well. One could note the recent fiasco with Trump twittering about the drone. First he is responding to news reports without accurate information. Not bothering to go to his security briefings so that good information can be communicated to him. And the then communicating out to the world inaccurate and misinformed information that only causes problems and misunderstanding. And, remember this is in Capricorn. The stubborn despot scenario acting out of ego and not with conscious restraint based on accurate information. This situation is a good example of the affects of Mercury, both approaching, and in, retrograde.

The word to the individual on this is to think twice about what you say and to whom. Be conscious of the rage (Pluto and Uranus) that exist around you. Be considerate to those who are having a tough time and don’t antagonize them just because your grouchy too. Put your love and affection for someone ahead of your need to ‘speak your truth’. It is not a good time to draw lines. The volatile aspects of this transit will end by end of xmass and you can then relax and go back to your normal issues and attitudes. More importantly you can focus on using all this energy to create a better future for yourself. On a positive note to the Mercury transit is that it is a good time to express your hopes, dreams and visions to your partners and confidants. Giving ‘voice’ (Mercury) to the vision is important for giving it form and helping all this energy we have been talking about a direction to move in. So, whether you talk to someone about it, plot with them about it, write about it, or walk around talking to yourself about it, it is a good time over the next several days to give it a positive and constructive voice.

Ok, the good news is, if you have stuck in this far, is I am basically done with all this babble. I will one last time emphasize that these are my musings and reasonably educated opinions on the astrological conditions I have outlined. I encourage anyone whose interest I have tweaked to do their own homework and dig deeper into the meanings of it all. If anything I hope that you walk away inspired to work diligently at using this energy over the next 30+ days to your advantage and benefit. It is a great opportunity to make really good positive and powerful changes in your life. But, those changes start with how you approach life and how you envision your future. Taking a few minutes out of every hour or so, to stop and bring that vision clearly into your head and project it outward in a positive and happy space will help enable you to steer these events to your benefit.

I also want to emphasize how important it is over the next 30 or 40 days to stay focused on positive thoughts, emotions and words. This will help not only you, those around you, but also how these energies affect everyone going forward. And, those of you walking around angry by the current political situation you are only feeding the demon. Your negative thoughts and anger only give it what it needs to bring chaos and havoc to us and the world. There is no more important time than now, and in the next 30 days, to glow outwardly and inwardly with joy and hope. This is not some silly hippie new age concept, or a key attribute to being a Jedi.  It is a proven scientific fact. Positive thoughts, emotions and energy changes the things around you. They are energy, and energy directed in the right direction toward the right things can do wonders. So, please help us all and try for the next month to be a force of joy and good in the world, even if your favorite sports team sucks, just do it. Do it for everyone and help us all turn these impending energies into a force of change and evolution. Remember the four tenants of ATI yoga – Vision, Meditation, Action and Goal.

Whew not it my turn for some libation. Thank you for  making it to the end, if you have any questions or comments please email them to me using the Questions and Comments page.


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