Yeshe Tsogyle

The Voice


Yeshe Tsogyel



 “When you express your creativity you are expressing the essence of what you are, creation itself. You give voice to the Tigress and that is what we want you to know. We are here waiting for you to open yourselves to this knowledge and bring us into your lives. We are a source of this energy that lives within you and we will be a guide to manifesting it in your lives. You must seek us out. You must speak to us. When we speak back you must listen. For we will. We are always close by and when you understand this in a deep way, the veil of this reality will start to thin. Your whole world that you have constructed will start to shift, will begin to merge with ours, you will have an opportunity to see and be within. Most importantly you will begin to experience the center of your being and will understand that eternity lives between each breath and that emptiness is your home.”

As Transmitted to Carol Newell