“How do I explain the unexplainable?

How do I tell you about an experience so powerful that I am at a loss for words, yet it asks me to speak out. “Speak Out”, that is at its essence what occurred.

I spoke. I opened my heart, I opened my throat and the divine empty bliss of being and not being shouted out to the absolute to the infinite, I am here, I am no where, I am whole, I am empty and for this moment the all of creation – There is a place that has no boundaries no walls no limits it is the all and nothingness of being – it is the surrender of the will and yet it is the very creation of that will – the power of being a goddess – A glimpse of being a goddess for a moment in time or out of time, a veil lifted and I became the essence of all that is and was free.

The ecstatic pleasure of giving up, of saying yes I release everything that I have held onto, everything that has kept me a prisoner in a body that longs to be free. The courage to die in a moment of exalted bliss – to be empty and allow a power like no other to consume and take me – there for a moment I was touched by the divine and there for the moment I was home.”

Carol Newell