I live in two worlds now
This one and theirs
I prefer theirs
But I am stuck in this one
In this world I am solid
In their world I am transparent
In this world I constantly seek to be full
In their world I am empty and in that emptiness I am full
In this world I struggle believing it is real
In their world struggle is an illusion
They have been tugging at me, pulling me into them for some time now.
They know I am a tough cookie to crack and they laugh at me often.
When I listen to them, when I hear, really hear,
And trust their voice,
Their voice becomes mine,
Their world becomes mine, this world fades,
This world is the illusion
Now you are asking yourself; who are “they” – Who is she talking about?
Is she crazy?
Is she out of her mind?
Oh, I hope you are asking that one.
Because that is exactly what I am; exactly where I am. In their world
Out of my mind…. Home

by Carol Newell