Carol Newell was the key inspiration to the creation of this site and for me. Her vision and imagination looked toward creating a place where people, particularly women could come together to learn and create. The Way of the Tigress was a path that I helped her find within herself, one that was always there, as it is in all women, and men, but which is lost in the cultural burdens imposed upon us that drive us to be things that we are not. She embraced it and it took her many places and unfortunately ultimately prepared her for the loss of her physical body.
One of her most important projects was the “Creative Voice of Women” which was something that she was working on long before she stumbled onto me and this path. But, she found within this path the missing pieces that she sought to give the “Creative Voice of Women” a spirit of its own, the sacred breath of the Dakini’s that embraced and taught her.
There are and or will be various posts and pages of some of the writings that were either transmissions she was given or which rose forth from her meditations with great power. I encourage you to enjoy them, comment on them, and find inspiration within them.
If you want to learn more about the path Way of the Tigress, please go to the contact page and email us for more information.


Shortly after her body passed many of those that cared and loved her met at the Colony Theater to celebrate her life. The following is the speech I gave in honor of my short time with her:
“In the last few months I have had the privilege and honor to provide care to a remarkable person, and one of the funniest people I have ever known. Carol spent over 30 years of her life dedicated to the Art of Theater not because it would make her famous but because she loved it, it was her. She was one of the founding members of the Colony, an Equity Theater in LA, and won numerous awards for both her acting and directing. I have in my hand a check for 1.20 from the Screen Actors Guild for various tv gigs and over the last few years she has accumulated a cult following for one of the worst scifi movie’s not yet shown on Mystery Science Theater, but, these were just things done to pay rent. The real artist was set free on stage and in random improvisational moments that would leave an entire room laughing till it hurt. And, Carol the director who would see and bring out the talent of others whether on stage or in everyday life. For those of you that know me you can only imagine how much fun it was to break out in an improvisational moment with someone that could speak in 7 dialects, impersonate Kathryn Hepburn and Mae West to a tee, and could go toe to toe with even the craziest thing I might say.
Around 2 years ago she decided that what I was teaching needed to move outside of the sphere of a few scattered people and be moved outward to others who needed to it. Her strength, directing skill and patience made me both a better person, and a better teacher. Her devotion to expressing that creative spark in herself and bringing it out in others was awe inspiring. The point that she would leave with the younger crowd is to find that creative spark inside of you, as she would say; “Your Creative Voice”, and let it live in how you conduct your life. Stay true to what you want to be inside, and to follow that, not because it brings money or fame but because it expresses who you are and through that you will make everyone around you better and yourself happy. And above all improvise and be funny, or at least try….I will miss her dearly.”


The following was Carol Newel’sl Bio/Resume

Carol’s experience ranges from acting and directing to producing and working in many technical areas of production for the stage. As an actor in Los Angeles, she has worked in both television and film and behind the scenes in film production. A founding member of the highly successful Colony Theatre Company in Los Angeles, Carol dedicated herself to the Company’s growth artistically and administratively.

Performances with The Colony Theatre Company include, the world premiere of The Grapes of Wrath as Rose of Sharon, the world premiere of The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, Black Comedy, The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window, Watch on the Rhine, Scenes and Revelations, Child’s Play, Weekend Serenade and many more.

She has been seen in other Los Angeles productions of The Crucible, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and Getting Out. Carol has performed in New Hampshire in I Oughta Be in Pictures and Romantic Comedy. In Florida she won a Best Acting award in the title role of Lettice in Lettice and Lovage.

Some of Carol’s directing credits include, Eleemosynary produced in Florida and Los Angeles, both winning awards for Best Production and Direction. She also directed Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music, Postcards, Pile O’ Bones, the West Coast premiere of Aftershocks and Waiting for the Parade.

Here in the Coachella Valley she appeared in Afterplay and I’m Not Rappaport, which garnered the Desert Theatre League’s Award for Best Supporting Actress.

She worked with Playwright’s Circle, where she directed a highly successful production of a new play entitled “Stuck” and received a best directing nomination.

Carol’s goal is to enrich and enliven others through the creative process of live theatre.


THEATRE (Partial list)
I’m Not Rappaport Clara The Joslyn Center Theatre
After-Play Emily The Joslyn Center Theatre
Lettice & Lovage Lettice The Mount Dora Playhouse
Women of Manhattan Billie The Colony
Weekend Serenade Carlotta The Colony
Grapes of Wrath Rose of Sharon The Colony
Scenes and Revelations Millie The Colony
Black Comedy Carol Melkett The Colony
Child’s Play Paula The Colony
Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window Gloria The Colony
Looking Glass Miss Prickett The Colony
Farnsdale Avenue Housing Estate Thelma The Colony
The Curious Savage Lillybell The Colony
The Martian Chronicles Mrs. T / Ensemble The Colony / The El Rey
Follies Principle The Colony
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Sandy Franklin Church Theatre
Romantic Comedy Phoebe Hampton Playhouse
I Oughta Be In Pictures Libby Hampton Playhouse
The Crucible Mary Warren The Odyssey Theatre
ABC Playbreak Co-Star
Fantasy Island Co-Star
Love Boat Co-Star
S.W.A.T. Co-Star

Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music The Colony
Postcards The Colony
Waiting for the Parade The Colony
Aftershocks The Colony (Westcoast Premiere)
Eleemosynary (2 different producctions) The Colony and at The Ice House (FL)
Stuck Playwrights Circle
An Assortment of Staged Readings of New Plays Playwrights Circle
Founding member of The Colony Theatre Company
Received Dramalogue Award for Best Ensemble Acting for Eleemosynary
Desert Theatre League winner Best Supporting Actress for I’m Not Rappaport
Nominated Best Director Dramalogue Awards for Eleemosynary
Nominated Best Director Desert Theatre League Awards for Stuck

English, Cockney, French, Irish, Scottish, Southern, German