Lovers Vs Consorts

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The Tantra of the Four Blisses

Within all women is the alchemical formula for spiritual evolution. This formula can teach us how to build strong powerful relationships and how to live in harmony with the world around us. Lovers vs Consorts takes a new radical look at the Divine Feminine and creates a paradigm shift in our view of men and women. The book explores the nature of the Consort relationship and its role in building a powerful spiritual life. Lovers vs Consorts exposes the myths that hold women into roles that are not true to their inherent natures.


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Lovers vs Consorts: Tantra of the Four Blisses

The Unexplainable

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“How do I explain the unexplainable?
How do I tell you about an experience so powerful that I am at a loss for words, yet it asks me to speak out. “Speak Out”, that is at its essence what occurred.
I spoke. I opened my heart, I opened my throat and the divine empty bliss of being and not being shouted out to the absolute to the infinite, I am here, I am no where, I am whole, I am empty and for this moment the all of creation – There is a place that has no boundaries no walls no limits it is the all and nothingness of being – it is the surrender of the will and yet it is the very creation of that will – the power of being a goddess – A glimpse of being a goddess for a moment in time or out of time, a veil lifted and I became the essence of all that is and was free.
The ecstatic pleasure of giving up, of saying yes I release everything that I have held onto, everything that has kept me a prisoner in a body that longs to be free. The courage to die in a moment of exalted bliss – to be empty and allow a power like no other to consume and take me – there for a moment I was touched by the divine and there for the moment I was home.”
Carol Newell